Make More Money by Having More Productive Power Team Meetings

How would you like to leave every power team meeting with 5 referrals?

So how do you do that?

Pull out your pen and get ready to write, because I’m going to give you a big idea on how to use power teams to make more money.

First, everyone on the power team should bring their laptops or ipads to the meeting.

Next, everyone opens up their linkedin.

Then you go around the table and each member picks one job title, and gives one solid reason why a person with that job title would be interested in meeting them.

Everyone does a search for that job title in their Linkedin contacts.

Then each member will send out 3 to 5 email that read something like this….

Dear Joe,

I just had breakfast with Conrad Strabone. He’s one of the top web developers in Manhattan. He said Directors of Business Development love chatting with him because he can show them how their website is costing them sales leads, so I thought of you.

Let me know if you’d like an intro to Conrad and I’ll make that happen. If not, no worries, and I hope all else is well with you.

This proactive method of contacting people is low key and low stress.

Most will say that they are not interested, but will thank you for thinking of them.

If you go around the table and send out 30 of these email at each power team meeting. You should get 4 or 5 intros, and you should be able to convert one of those leads to a sale.

They key to doing this effectively is the big idea, since the people you are emailing have not expressed an interest.

So the big idea should get them thinking that they need to examine something that is not currently on their radar.

In my example, I didn’t say Conrad would like to sell you a website. I said people like you are interested in learning how their websites might be able to generate more sales leads.

Now imagine that you did nothing else at each power team meeting, month after month. The result will be a dozen extra sales per year.

So try this at your next power team meeting, and you’ll … make more money!

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