Make More Money With Your Personal Brand

I want to discuss your personal brand and how you are perceived.

If I start with the assumption that you are here to get referrals, then the precursors to that are building confidence in your fellow members to become that trusted resource.

To that end, think of everything you do in the chapter as being representative of your personal brand, which is essentially a reflection of you and how you conduct business.

Are you on time for this weekly meeting?

At this meeting, do you dress as if you were seeing your most important client?

Do you pay attention to each and every commercial as if your most important client were telling you something? You’d like the same courtesy, wouldn’t you?

Do you put your cell phone away as you would when meeting with your most important client?

Do you take good notes at this meeting as if your most important client was telling you something?

Do you send a substitute when you can’t make it because you would never be absent or unrepresented for an important client meeting?

Are you on time for your 121s?

Do you respond rapidly to referrals that are sent your way regardless of if they are a “good” referral? (If it’s not good for you, it’s important to let the client and your fellow member know this. Don’t leave anyone hanging.)

If you help out the chapter in some capacity, like visitor host or electrical team, do you pay attention to the details?

Believe me when I tell you that your fellow members will notice these little things and then based on those observations, they will make assumptions on the type of professional you are.

So why not be your best best self,and show them that you are worthy of the precious referral they send your way? Thanks!

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