Make More Money Being Selfish Redux

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

We started off the year …

  • Setting goals
  • Learning to do complex things like solving a Rubik’s cube, which is step by step.
  • Having the right mindset when learning which is that it takes a lot of practice to get good
  • Having the courage to put yourself out there with no excuses
  • And having the guts to practice things that you’re not good at

The net result of this is that we have created the foundation of a great year in business, so let’s start implementing some effective networking tactics.

And while Corey spoke about the tortoise and the hare, and their different approaches, Uncle Charles Rosenbaum told me that there’s one important thing they have in common: they’re delicious! (Sorry for the bad joke, Vegans!)

Seriously, what the tortoise and the hare have in common is that they are selfish.

So this week, I’m going to give you an action item and ask you to be totally selfish.

And if you’re totally selfish, you will actually meet the chapter’s core value of ‘Giver’s Gain.’

So pay attention and get ready to implement this tactic this month.

Take a look at our roster; note each of your top referral professions; and you might see that your top three referral professions are already members.

Now look at the roster again.

Who’s missing?

Who’s your top referral profession that is not currently on the roster?

Again, that’s your top referral profession that’s NOT on the roster.

Previously we said that maybe your top three referral professions might already be in Elevate, so your action item is to figure out who your fourth best referral partner is.

Please write that profession down now and then next week I’ll tell you how to easily invite people in that profession to this meeting.

If you stay with me, and follow through on this exercise, I guarantee that this is not only the one time you can be selfish and honor our core value of givers gain, but that you will definitely make more money!

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