Wins, Ground Taken, and Acknowledgment

Over the past few months, we’ve talked about a lot of things. We’ve looked at gaps and stops, getting vulnerable, mixing things up, waiting, and not waiting, we’ve looked at what we need, and what gets in our way.

And all of that is valuable in terms of our lives and our businesses, and maximizing the potential of both.

But there’s another key element in the journey we’re all taking. While being aware of the road still ahead, it’s crucial to sometimes turn around and acknowledge the ground taken. There will always be mountains yet to climb. But today let’s pause and appreciate the view.

And the wins!

I’m going to put some people on the spot now. They have no idea this is coming. And I do it with love and respect.

Amy, how long have you been President? Thank you for your leadership and your commitment.

Brittany, how much closed business have we done so far this year? Awesome. Thank you for your light and joy.

Conrad, how many referrals have been passed this year? Take a guess. Great! Thank you for your power and your sense of fun and play.

Simone, thanks for having our backs.

Matt, thanks for being our advocate.

MC, thanks for your care and strength, and for making leadership a team sport.

Thanks Jeff for supporting the education of us, Carey for presenting us, and Steve for always keeping us on track.

And Jamie and those who have supported with tech and AV.

And the rest of us who show up early and stay late, who host at the table and support the venue in various ways.

A special thank you to founding members: Andrew Kahner, Josh Doyle, Cliff Schneider, Jeff Simon, Matt Long, Steve Conyers, and Ryan Smith. Thank you for being the pioneers who set out on Lucky 62’s maiden voyage, and for seeing us through to where we are today.

Also, to the heads of the Power Spheres, and to anyone I left out.

Thanks to everybody.

My friends, I have a baby coming in the next few days to a week or so. And don’t worry, you’ll see me soon. But before I go, I wanted to give us all the gift of appreciating what we’ve been up to – where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re headed.

Thanks Jenn Mello for stepping up to the mic next week and sharing your voice. I encourage others to do the same. And if you don’t want to actually speak, do share the topics with Jeff and myself that you’d like to hear more about.

This is a special place. And it takes each one of us to create it this way.

So much power and possibility in this room, in the structure, in the accountability, in the relationships.

Partnership, friendship, care, and consideration. All channeled toward commerce and community. Profit and professionalism.

Take a good look around. It’s all right here.

Thanks for showing up so consistently for ourselves and each other. And even for the various charitable causes, and events like next week’s cruise.

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