What counts as a 1-1?

With so many new members, we want to clarify what constitutes a 1-1 meeting.  The biggest question you need to answer when filling out a slip is, “Did I focus on how to grow the business of the person I met with?”  If the answer is YES, write it up!  Be careful, though, in filling out the slip – each meeting counts as ONE 1-1.


Here are a few examples to ponder for clarity:


Jeff Simon and Jason Campbell are working together on a mutual client.  They met three times last week to discuss details.  This is NOT a 1-1 as they were providing a mutual SERVICE for a particular client.


Scott Behr meets with Andrew Kahner to discuss a 401(k) plan for his employees.  This is NOT a 1-1, as Andrew was providing a SERVICE for Scott.  A similar situation would arise in going for a massage with Kim, a consutlation with Geri or asking Radek for an estimate.


Eddie Montak and Joseph Farahat meet over drinks.  If they spent time just talking about the weather, this would NOT be a 1-1.  If, though, they brainstorm on how to jointly target clients in the Hamptons, it would DEFINITELY be a 1-1.


The Real Estate Power Sphere meets at Jordan Metzger’s new office.  Absolutely a 1-1!!!  The trick here is, how do you write it up?  You do NOT list the name of each attendee.  Instead, just list “Real Estate Power Sphere” on the 1-1 sheet.  Remember, too, that anyone is welcome to attend a power sphere meeting, even if you are not a member of that sphere.  You would be attending to get to know what kind of referrals that sphere is specifically looking for.  (The TRUE sense of Giver’s Gain!)


Hope these examples help!  If you meet with a group of people, but can’t quite describe it as a Power Sphere meeting, feel free to list out individual names, but make sure they all get put on ONE line.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!!  

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