Vulnerability As Connection

And I have to say it’s been quite a ride the past few days. I was at a Coaching intensive all weekend long training other coaches. I left my home around 6:30am and got back after 9pm on both Sat and Sun. Can’t say I really got a ton of rest. Anybody relate to that? Having their well being off? Totally, right?

And it gets better, because an even bigger impact has been that after three years of my wonderful kids being with our nanny, we had to make a somewhat abrupt change on Friday. And it wasn’t so wonderfully orchestrated. Monday we started with a new nanny, and there’s been training and someone new to get used to – for all of us. It’s a big change, and it’s uprooting our household. She’s great, but to be honest it’s been kind of a struggle. Who can relate to that? Discomfort from change? And an experience of powerlessness, because sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable thing?

Now, you know that I care about all of you, and I like that you’re getting to know me. But there’s another reason why I’m sharing these things. It’s to make a point.

Vulnerability is access to connection.

Often we feel the need to hide our truth, our feelings, our struggles, our HUMANITY. But in fact, it’s our humanity that connects us.

We all have our stuff. And, we want to be polished and professional, smooth and clever, and strong. We want to look good, and be appealing. We can be those things too. But be mindful of photo-shopping the truth so far that it cleanses you of your most precious asset – your authentic self.

So while I’m certainly not advocating that we all tell everything to everyone, keep in mind that people don’t just buy what you have or do. They buy you!

The next time you want to create connection, share some of your humanity and watch it clear the space for the other person to share theirs.

That’s the good stuff, the stuff relationships are made of. And business deals too!

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