The Power of ‘NO’

We’re saying “yes” too often.


It’s time to learn ” THE POSITIVE POWER OF “NO!”

Experts say the ability to communicate ‘NO’ really reflects that you’re in the driver’s seat of your own life; it gives you a sense of empowerment.”

There are different ways to say no…

Check this out ‘Luckies…

One technique is the “Refusal Strategy”.

Studies have found that saying “I don’t” as opposed to “I can’t” allows you to extract yourself from an unwanted commitment.

“I don’t” implies you’ve established certain rules for yourself, suggesting conviction and stability.

And since it’s personal, it also maintains the social connection humans crave.

Here at NYC we’re wired to say “Yes”— but don’t give a knee-jerk ‘YES’ when it’s more appropriate to say “no” to a misplaced referral request or commitment you can’t really can’t make.

Practice being more aggressive when the stakes are low.

For example, when a cashier asks you to sign up for a store credit card you don’t want, try saying “I don’t use store credit cards” instead of a mealy “I’m sorry..not today, but thank you,”

It’s a lot easier to be assertive with a stranger than it is when, say, your pleading co-worker asks for a ride to the airport. So, get comfortable with your assertiveness when it’s easy so you’ll be prepared when there’s more pressure.

‘Come up with a few anchor phrases for different situations

“No, I don’t go out during the week” for co-workers who want to go on a drinking binge on a Monday night.

When you have these phrases ready, you don’t have to waste time wavering over an excuse.

We’re not talking about being impolite…we’re celebrating clarity and empowerment.

Now, would you like for me to come back next week and explain it all again?

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