The Five Step Referral System PART 4

Hey everyone, I’m excited to be back! We have been talking about coming with an easy referral system and writing a copy and paste email NYC members they can send for you.

This is vitally important. Who here has a well-written copy and paste emails they give to NYC members for an intro?

The next step is figuring out the answer to why potential clients should work with you instead of others who do the same thing?

And why should they choose you instead of others who offer the same service for cheaper? You need a USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. What makes you different and better than others who provide the same service?

As an example, we don’t just provide headshots, but we help people through the whole process from how to prepare for the shoot and what to wear, to how to look great on camera if they normally hate the way they look in pictures, and even to how to brand and market themselves using their headshot after the shoot is done.

So what added and unexpected value do you provide to clients? Even if you can’t give them something different within the bounds of your service, can you at least put them in touch with people who would be helpful to them?

Remember: the best way to be successful in networking, business, and life is to give more to others than anyone could ever expect. Givers gain, after all! If you can help your potential client before expecting anything back from them, they will want to help you out by referring others to you.

Another way to think about this is… how can I under-promise and over-deliver to potential clients so they get blown away by how much more value they’re getting than what they expected?

If you can figure out the answer to just that one question by next week, you’ll be well on your way to business success.

As always, feel free to email me directly if you have any questions anything.

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