Reverse Santa

Life is filled with circumstances. It’s basically one long list of evolving circumstances. And, as I’ve mentioned before, we can’t always change the circumstances themselves, but we can choose how we show up in the face of them – how we “be” with and about them.

With the holidays upon us, we tend to think about what we can give to the people around us. And next week, we’ll have the opportunity to give each other’s commercials. But today is all about taking!

It’s also about being vs. doing. Find someone whom you really admire. Go ahead, take a few moments and think of that person. Got ’em? Great! Now think about why you admire that person. Beyond what they do, how do they tend to BE? What are the qualities that they bring with them wherever they go? Do they bring Power or Leadership? Joy or Play? Love, Brilliance, Warmth, Connection? Joy, Calm, or some other quality?

Great, now our practice for the day is to incorporate these ingredients into our own recipes. As we go through this meeting, and as we show up over the course of our day, bring these qualities with you and see what happens!

When we give more than we get, we end up getting more than we give.

Today, *take* a cue from someone else, and enjoy the benefits of giving it away!

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