Earlier this month, Seth Godin wrote a brief blog post about PRIVILEGE.

In it, he said, “We really don’t understand privilege until we’ve lost it.”

That got my mind thinking about what privileges we have as business professionals and business owners as well as members of NYC.

Privilege, by its very definition in the dictionary, refers to the principle or condition of enjoying special rights.

Think about what privileges you have when it comes to your business that perhaps others don’t.

It’s a privilege to work with the clients you have, isn’t it? I mean, they could work with someone else but they chose to work with you. It’s their free will and choice to do it, and it is your privilege to serve them and fulfill their needs.

For years, American Express used the tagline, “Membership has its privileges.”

The same rings true when it comes to NYC, doesn’t it? It’s a privilege to be in a room like this with so many business professionals all up and at ’em to build, grow and expand their businesses. Not everybody takes advantage of the opportunity they are offered, and fewer are offered the privilege of membership.

More than that, it’s a privilege you offer others when you invite them into our room. It’s a privilege you have to go to other NYC meetings to expand your NYC sphere of influence – because you can.

Take a few moments today to think about all the privileges you have – and how you leverage them and benefit from them professionally and personally.

Like Seth said, sometimes “We really don’t understand privilege until we’ve lost it.”

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