Ownership is Power(ful)

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. Some leaders stand behind podiums, and impact millions of people. And some simply make a difference in their own household.

A couple weeks ago, I witnessed leadership in a fundamental but telling form right here in this room. You may not even remember it, it was that simple. But it left an impression on me. Someone spilled water on the table right in the corner. It was just water, and it wasn’t a whole pitcher, but it was bigger than a few napkins could handle. Without much hesitation, people from the head table got up and took action. I think Conrad may have even gone in the back to get more napkins. Regardless, in that moment, they took ownership of the situation. It became their table, their water, their room. And really, it’s an indicator of how they relate to the chapter. Like it’s theirs. Not in a possessive way, but in a way where they trust their impact and are present to their commitment.

And just to be clear, there’s no judgment here for the rest of us. I for one, sat right over there watching, and waited for the next commercial. And that’s fine.

This is a simple example of leadership through action. Another place you see it is through speaking up. Sometimes leadership comes in the form of just saying the thing – the thing that nobody noticed. Or that everyone sees but no one wants to say aloud. Or the unpopular thing. Or maybe it’s calling out the emperor and his new clothes.

Whatever the specifics, leaders stand up for what they believe in, what they’re committed to.

What are you committed to? What’s the thing that really matters? And how are you nurturing the growth of it in your business? And in the world?

One simple act of ownership that you could do today, even right now, is to write down your goals. Whatever they are, no matter how big or small. Do you even know what your goals are?

Remember, we win at the games we play. So what game are you playing? Write it down, or say it aloud. Tell your sponsor or the next person with whom you have a 121.

And regardless of what it is, I invite you to get clear and then get after it.

This whole thing is ours. Whatever we want to do, and whomever we want to meet, we just need to speak it aloud. Share it – specifically, intentionally, and from a place of ownership.

The more clear we are in our asks, and the more connected we are to our commitments, the more successful we’ll be in our businesses.

The more success for us, the more success for the chapter. Everyone wins.

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