Networking Tips for Introverts

Today I’m here to offer you some networking tips for introverts. This room may be a boisterous barrel of laughs each Wednesday but it takes some more effort for some of us. And even those of us who like to talk and mingle get tired sometimes. So, if you have a busy upcoming fall full of networking events and either of these scenarios sounds like you, listen up:

  1. Don’t put tons of pressure on yourself to stay for the full event and meet a ton of people. You can go to the event for half the time and have one or two meaningful convos that beget follow up and potential business. This is better than 20 superficial conversations that go nowhere.- this is one area where the numbers game isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  
  2. Ask for an introduction…this one can be good for extraverts too. Find someone who knows everyone- maybe the organizer- and ask them to connect you with who it is you want to meet. it takes the pressure off you AND it shows you in a different light with more weight behind it, because the person introducing you is someone in charge. 
  3. Share personal stories. If someone says they like your necklace or shirt, instead of just saying, “thanks”, you could say that you got on your recent trip to Colombia, if that’s the case. Personal stories are what make you intersting and memorable. Keep the convo moving. 
  4. Plan some questions ahead of time that you can use. Personal favorites of mine are “What interested you in this event?” and anything related to NYC or travel.

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