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NYC Elevate is a networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

I want to ask you, what would you do differently today if you lived without fear?

And this relates to the two different approaches you might take with your membership here at Elevate.

The first approach is to come to our meeting every week; do a few 121s and then wait for referrals to arrive.

And there’s nothing wrong with this approach if you’re really busy and you’re happy with the amount of money that you are making at Elevate.

But if you would like to be busier and you would like to make more money here at Elevate, you will need a different approach.

And the good news is that we give you all the tools you need to be successful with this alternate approach.

However, at our recent Networking PHD event, we discovered that while a large amount of you want to be more active and make more money, there was a significant roadblock that was getting in the way.

That roadblock is fear … and as it relates to implementing our Make More Money Tips we can generally categorize these as the ‘fear of being rejected,’ and ‘fear of failing’ or of not knowing how to do it correctly.

So let me help allay these fears.

Let’s start with the fear of being rejected. In the world outside our group, that happens a lot; people say no quite often, but inside our group, we are all here because we want to grow our businesses and we want to help our fellow members grow their businesses, so the chance of being rejected is much much lower here.

So why not grab the member you’re closest to; and ask them to try one of our make more money tips, and see if you can make that tip work for you.

And if someone should say ‘no’ to you because they are too busy or whatever, guess what, your life isn’t going to change and you aren’t going to feel bad; just move on and ask the next person.

Next, let’s discuss the fear of not doing something correctly or the fear of failing. The first thing to understand is that failure doesn’t exist.

If you don’t do something correctly the first time or the tenth time that’s called learning lessons, and the quicker you “fail” the more lessons you will learn and the quicker you’ll become good at doing something; and the quicker you’ll get to making more money.

On this last one, for those of you in this room that have been here 8 or more years, you may remember that I was horrible at this networking thing for my first year; but I never stopped trying out better networking tactics; I never stopped trying give a better commercial; I never stopped trying to have more productive 121s; and I keep trying to be better at this networking game to this day.

So if you have fear about approaching your fellow members for help or you have fear of failing at one of our make more money tips, resolve to act in spite of your fear.

And I guarantee that if you act in spite of your fear, two things will happen – you won’t have fear for much longer and you’ll definitely make more money.

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