Make More Money By Giving Stuff Away!

How would you like to make more money by giving away something valuable for free, and yet it will cost you nothing?

So how do you do that?

Let’s use Simone as an example.

Imagine if she were to create a gift certificate to her group dance lessons, and then gave one to each of us said we can give it to a special client or to friend that’s getting married.

I can take that gift certificate, and give it one of my clients, and then I look good, and then that’s a win for me.

My client calls Simone and asks to schedule the free lesson, and then that’s a win for my client.

Simone books this couple in one of her group sessions where that lesson is not at 100% capacity. That means she already has the studio and her time booked, and adding this additional couple into that class will cost her nothing, so that’s a win for her.

And then she gets the big upside potential that this couple will love the class, as we know they will, and then they ask to book additional lessons at full price.

So think hard about something valuable that you might be able to give away; where it costs you nothing; and where you can use your fellow members to open doors, with the key being that the gift could lead to a conversion of the recipient in to a paying customer … and you will definitely make more money.

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