Love & Passion

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. I hope you got to spend some time with someone you love and feel passionate about. And thanks to Amy – our fearless leader – we’re going to get to talk about Love & Passion in our commercials today.

In this segment, there are two ways in particular that I’d like to look at Love & Passion, as it relates to our businesses. Now we all know that love comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be romantic, familial, friendly, and can exist in many ways in a variety of relationships. But passion has a narrower range. It’s hot. Passion burns. Right Simone?

Now take a second and think about what you’re passionate about in your life, and in your business. What gets you up in the morning? What are you passionately committed to about your business directly? Or how does doing well in your business allow you to engage in your other passions? Such as, say… sand sculpting, right Matt?

Is it fun? Does it impact people? Does it generate a lot of money? Or joy? Maybe it makes people feel good in their space, right Shelly? Or in their clothes, right Rachel? Or maybe even in their own skin, right Billy Joe?

When we tap into our passion we tap into our purpose, our WHY. And it motivates us.

Speaking of motivation, the other element I want to bring in here is a little bit racy. Think back to those times when you were young and carefree, when love was brand new and you were able to chase passion on a whim. I for one will neither confirm nor deny whether I might have taken a taxi all the way to Brooklyn at 2am one night just because of a particular someone I met at a bar.

New love, and passion, is generous and patient, and even blind in a good way. It doesn’t over analyze. It doesn’t judge. It’s not conditional. That kind of passion doesn’t put obstacles or excuses in its way. Quite the opposite, it takes excuses out of its way. We become in fervent pursuit of what we believe is something extraordinary, even if it’s short lived.

Now think of the way you show up in your business. Imagine looking at what you do with fresh eyes. Picture your work as a hot new love interest. Remember the beginning, and why you got involved in the first place. If we choose from that exciting, passionate place, it can get us revved up and in tremendous action.

We can show up focused, to make an impression, and to court success. And if we’re lucky, we might just close the deal, right Clem?

Here’s to love, and passion, and all of our success.

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