Typically, when we use the word “Integrity,” it tends to have some flavor of judgment in it. “I trust her, she has integrity,” or, “I wouldn’t work with him, he has no integrity.”

For the purposes of this discussion, I invite us all to remove the judgment. Think of the hull of a ship. If it has integrity, it holds the interior space and keeps water out so the ship can sail smoothly. If there are gaps in the hull, or a breakdown in its integrity, water is let in and the ship slows down and might eventually sink. Ultimately integrity is a matter of consistency.

Think about an area of your life that’s working, or even going quite well. Maybe it’s your relationship, or your home life? Or maybe it’s your kids, a friendship, or your level of self expression? Using a single word, what’s the ingredient that you consistently bring to that relationship, place, or dynamic that accounts for your success?

Great! Now think of an area of your life that may not be going as well as you like, or just has some room for improvement. Perhaps it’s your business, or your relationship? Or maybe it’s your experience of yourself?

Think of the ingredient that was the key to your success in the first part of the exercise. Now imagine that you brought more of that to the area in the second part. How might that impact your results?

We can actually learn from ourselves!

By bringing the traits of what works in some places in our lives to the other areas, we create a higher level of integrity, and the possibility for consistent success.

Here’s to powerful voyages, and smooth sailing!

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