How to Ensure the “Let’s Meet Up” promises at an event actually happen

You know how it goes- you strike up a conversation with someone at an event and this person is legit someone you want to keep in touch with. You’re feeling a good energy, you’re excited to talk about and then….it never happens.

So how can you make sure you’re building the relationships you actually want to build from these networking events you’re investing time and money into!

Consider my two step approach that I use in all situations like this. (And keep in mind, these are only for people where I sense the feeling is mutual (ie theyre not trying to run away from me)

Don’t go over to email- kiss of death for getting that next meeting on your calendar!. You both more than likely have smart phones with a calendar function- use it! Pull it out and get a time on the calendar. Specify whether you’re meeting in person or via phone and where, tap out the calendar invite right then and there and send it to them. Make it so there is NO follow up on either person’s part except to show up (except maybe a brief, “see you tomorrow!” email when it’s a day or two before the meeting. Be clear about what you’re going to discuss as relates to the BENEFITS. If you talked about meeting up to talk about a strategic partnership for their new service, don’t just make a note of it in your notes, but include it in the meeting invite notes. That way, when it pops up on their calendar, they not only have a frame of reference (they probably met a lot of people that night!), but it’s also a benefit in relation to them, so they’ll be less likely to schedule over it.

Lastly, know that it could come to fruition later. Sometimes there’s a reason the meeting doesn’t happen right then and there. I had a meetup postponed 3 times before the person contacted me 11 months later to work with me as a coaching client. You just never know!

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