NYC 62: 1.17.13 Education – How Do You See Possibility?

Today is an Art Day.

Stefano Basilico, our esteemed Art Consultant will be telling us about himself later,

But now I am here to continue in the theme of Art, quoting from Rosamund and Ben Zander’s Book, the Art of Possibility.

How do you see Possibility?  It is in the eye of the beholder.

“A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of Africa to study the prospects for expanding the business.  One sends back a telegram saying:


 The other writes back triumphantly,


 Life is a story we tell, opportunities are where you see them…….if you see them.

You look and you see possibilities, whether it was JP realizing that nature walkers would want to know how to take pictures of their walks or Howard Schultz who realized that people would want to sit and drink designer coffee or a Contractor who markets to Hurricane Sandy opportunities………the Possibilities are out there, if you cultivate the Art of seeing them.

Zander says, sometimes those who see Possibilities are called a dreamer, persisting in a simplistic “glass half full” kind of optimism.

Naysayers pride themselves in their supposed realism.  However, the people who see the glass as “half full” are the ones seeing the truth, the amount of liquid in the glass, not a projection of emptiness or what is not there.

We see what we are programmed to see.  Bees see patterns written in ultraviolet light on flowers and owls see in the dark.

We recognize only that for which we have mental maps or categories.   RE-program yourself to see thru the dark of our own blinders.

Look past the confines of your present business model, the way you do things now, the clients you pursue, the packaging of your goods or services, whatever……..

See the possibilities you might be walking past every day, like unappreciated Art.

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