Don’t Wait – It Could Kill You

When we’re young, we learn about the dangers of fire. Maybe it was a firefighter that came to give a presentation at your elementary school, or a VHS they popped into a player – yeah, remember those.

You were taught about feeling the door before opening it, and getting down to the ground to crawl to safety. We’re taught about stop, drop, and roll. And then there’s the thing that they call the silent killer – carbon monoxide. It’s the reason we all have detectors in our homes. It’s absolutely lethal. And yet without those machines, we can’t hear it, we can’t see it, we can’t smell it.

The flames are obvious, hot, powerful. But more people are actually taken down by that subtle, invisible, odorless gas.

I’m hear to tell you that there is another silent killer that affects our lives. It will steal your power, your future, and your potential.


Think about it. We wait until we have enough, we wait until something changes, we tell ourselves that first the conditions need to be perfect and then we’ll act. I’m here to tell you that waiting is a killer of possibility.

The time to act is now. What’s that action you keep procrastinating on? Who’s that person you keep telling yourself you’ll reach out to?

You want to know when the conditions are perfect? Right now.

I want you to take ten seconds, right now. Turn over your roster, and write the first action or person that comes to mind. The thing that you already know will have a positive impact on your business, or another area of your life, and you’re simply waiting to do it. Go ahead. I’ll count for you.

Great, thanks for the willingness and courage to face it, and let it out.

The next step is to actually take the action. We don’t have the time RIGHT now. But my invitation is that you give it a short leash. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to kick the can again.

If you can move it forward, even one step, by end of day today, go for it. Maybe it can show up in your commercial. Maybe you can leverage inviting that person as a guest here next week.

Whatever it is, action is your friend. None of us will ever be younger than we are today.

So don’t wait. Say it, write it, create it, do it.

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