Circumstance vs. Commitment

We’re always training people in something. Take a look around the room. If I asked you what kind of person someone was, you’d have an answer. And that opinion would be based on what they’ve trained you to learn about them – regardless of whether or not is was on purpose. We form our assessments on our experiences of people, places, and things.

The good news is that the reverse is also true. We are what we do. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “That’s just how I am?” I’d like to be a certain way or accomplish a certain thing, but it can’t happen because I’m just not like that.

Sorry gang, but that just won’t fly. Who we are is simply the conglomeration of what we’ve done. And though what we’ve done may be shaped by multiple factors, it is far from unchangeable. And that story about who we are ain’t the truth – it’s simply how we were originally trained by others, and then continue to train ourselves.

“If you do what you did, you’re gonna get what you got.” If you want a different result you’re going to have to take different action.

So where are you choosing from?

Often times, we choose from circumstances, like feelings. “I feel good so I’ll do it,” or “I feel bad so I won’t.” Or maybe “I feel bad so I will.” Sometimes it looks like scarcity – not enough time, not enough money.

Life is filled with circumstances. Life is circumstances. It’s essentially one big list of evolving circumstances. The question is, how do you want to be – how will you CHOOSE to be – in the face of those circumstances?

I’ve asked this before and it’s worth repeating… what are you committed to? What matters so much that you will actually take action in service of creating it?

That’s the thing to get crystal clear about.

I’ve witnessed people change their lives in ways that would blow your mind. And in the end all they did was get clear about their commitments, take consistent action in service of them, and show willingness and courage in the face of their circumstances.

Now go out and get what’s yours!

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