NYC MST 2.26.14 – What closed business should you be reporting to NYC?

Today’s Member Success Tip is about what closed business should you be reporting to NYC.

The simple answer is everything that you can trace back to originating with your membership in this chapter.

And here’s a few examples so this will be clear in your mind …

Amy Noelle asked me to build a new website for her. That was a first tier referral and NYC closed business.

Three years ago, Donna referred me to a start up, Vendorboon and I recorded $10,000 in closed business to NYC from this second tier referral.

Two years ago, the principal at Vendorboon introduced me to another start up, BeneStream and I recorded $20,000 to NYC from this third tier referral.

Last year, BeneStream raised money and wanted to convert their investor website into a consumer website. They called us and introduced us to their new marketing company, ICE Marketing. From the re-do of their website, I recorded another $15,000 to NYC from this third tier referral.

This year, ICE Marketing, wants us to redesign their website, so I’ll record $10,000 to NYC from this fourth tier referral.

And just recently, ICE Marketing, introduced us to one of their clients, Riviera Imports, and we just signed a deal for $12,000 that will be recorded as a fifth tier referral.

Riviera Imports has 20 different brands and ICE Marketing wants us to redevelop each of the brand websites over the next few years. This might total another $250,000 in business and each will be marked as fifth tier closed business to NYC.

So what started as one referral from Donna 3 years ago, has the potential to be $350,000 in closed business, and all of it will be credited to her and NYC because she made that first introduction many years ago.

Another example of business that should be credited to NYC. If Andrew Kahner invites me to one of his events, and I do business with someone I met at that event, even though Andrew didn’t directly introduce me, I will still record that as NYC closed business from Andrew, because the reason I was invited to that event was my relationship with him through NYC.

Another example … a visitor at this meeting contacted me and asked me for a proposal. The visitor heard my commercial, made a note and contacted me weeks later. The visitor didn’t even remember who invited them to the meeting. So I went to the visitor log and saw that is was Jean. If this deal closes, Jean and NYC will get credit for the closed business even though Jean did not directly introduce me.

And finally, here’s one last example, Lisa Skye, a former member, referred a small business website to me for $5,000. This was recorded this closed business in the book as NYC Other.

Again, the simple answer is to record all closed business that you can trace back to your membership in this chapter.

And to that end, it’s critical for you to have methods to be able to backtrack the full lineage of every relationship you develop to properly credit the person that started the chain here at NYC.

If you ever have any questions about this, please see me, Amy, Andrew or your mentor. Thank you!

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