NYC Chapter 62 Attendance Policy

In case you missed this morning’s meeting and, as a recap for those of you that were there, here is the attendance policy I covered during the Member Success Tip:

Each member is allowed three absences and five subs per semester. Each sub, after the fifth sub, counts as an absence. A member is counted late if they show up after the meeting starts and two lates count as an absence. Semesters last six months and go from October 1st to March 31st and from April 1st to September 30th. The semesters are the same for every member, no matter when the member joined the chapter.

If a member accrues a fourth absence, we will be opening the seat. We have NEVER made an exception to this and we NEVER will.

MSP is an option to erase an absence. MSP must be attended before the 4th absence happens. Accruing a 4th absence and then attending MSP doesn’t work since we will open anyone’s seat the moment they accrue their 4th absence.

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