NYC 62: 9.25.13 Education – Being Dynamic

The internet defines dynamic as of, or relating to physical force or energy and also marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change.

We live in a Dynamic City and our real estate professionals can agree. THe city skyline is continuously moving and changing.

The movie and television industry have appropriated the Greenpoint neighborhood as their own. People are progressing further and further out of Manhattan into Brooklyn and I have seen first hand the incredible changes that have taken place not just here but also in the various cities I have re-visited this year.

In our businesses it is important to maintain a dynamic attitude. The nature of a business is to grow, yet it is natural for the demands placed on us to cloud our vision and to want to shrink back to a seemingly manageable size. Having a dynamic attitude means that you are always ready to take action to grow in the face of change. To find the opportunity in the chaos.

The builders and makers in this room all relate to physical forces everyday and create a change in materials that transform it into something fresh and new. By applying this attitude to our businesses, we can continue to build them and be ready for the challenges that come from the sheer fact that your business is going to grow whether you are ready for it or not.

According to Tom Watson, Founder of IBM. Dynamic business owners:

Have a very clear picture of their business when it is done.

Create a picture of how that business acts when it is done…and finally, act that way from the very beginning.

Is your attitude ready for your growth?

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