NYC 62: 9.17.14 Education – I give up!

Oh, I give up! …Not!

How terrible it is to hear that defeated statement.

On the contrary, how inspiring to hear examples of the opposite…Persistence!

Harvey Mackay tells us about Charles Darrow who submitted his board game to Parker Brothers and was rejected for 52 fundamental reasons.

He persisted, selling them himself until Parker Brothers apologized and mass produced Monopoly…..selling over 100 million copies and printing $40 Billion in Monopoly money per year.

Wayne Dyer’s publisher wouldn’t promote his first book. So he took it on the road himself telling anyone who would listen about it. Johnny Carson happened to hear a radio interview with Dyer at 2am, put him on the Tonight Show and made him a star.

President Rutherford B. Hayes said no one would ever want to use Alexander Graham Bell’s invention,

Chester Carlson persisted for 7 years before the Haloid Co. bought his electrostatic paper copying process and created Xerox…..which you all know is now often copied, but never duplicated.

Lucille Ball was told to try any other occupation and Buddy Holly was fired from Decca Records.

What if these people gave up?

What if WD 40 gave up after 39 attempts?

Persistence, my friends, makes us unstoppable.

Be unstoppable in your persistent pursuit of your dreams, your goals, your success.

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