NYC 62: 7.9.14 Education – Who Are You Anyway?

From the immortal words of “A Chorus Line”:

Who am I anyway?

Am I my resume?

That is a picture of a person I don’t know.

What does he want from me?

What should I try to be?

So many faces all around, and here we go.

I need this job, oh God, I need this show.

Have you ever felt like this? Every businessperson and entrepreneur has at one point or another. 

Have you ever interviewed for a job or wanted to secure a deal and walked through your own resume? 

In addition to pumping yourself up with great self-talk and visualization – two remarkable tools in themselves – take a walk through your resume. See YOU through the eyes of the person who is interested in learning more about you and hiring you. 

Think about those immortal lines: What does he want from me? What should I try to be? 

Try this on instead: be yourself. Your highs. Your lows. Your raving testimonials. Your learning moments. Be you. 

Chances are, you’ll achieve the one thing that will sustain you through the interview and through the project or position: rapport.

People hire people they like. So, while your skills and experience are important elements to winning the deal, your ability to build rapport during the interview process is just as important – whether you’re an entrepreneur or seeking a permanent position. 

So instead of looking up at the heavens and singing, “Oh God, I need this job”, give yourself a boost by being you – the best YOU you can be.



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