NYC 62: 7.31.13 Education – Getting Better At Your Job

I got another motivational piece from Harvey Mackay who said he often asks people in his seminars what they do to get better at their jobs.

The usual responses include: going back to school for continuing education, joining trade organizations, networking, working harder and smarter, etc.

Harvey says those are all good but suggests other ways to get better at your job……and I could sure use some of these myself.

Improve your time management

Are you managing your time or is it managing you?

Get organized.

It will improve your productivity, streamline your life, lower stress and save you money.

Stay positive.

Positive thinking turns obstacles into opportunities.

Write down your goals

Goals give us a reason to get up and incentive to keep going.

Learn to compromise.

Be flexible. Compromise is the art of dividing a cake so each person thinks they are getting the biggest slice.

Develop your confidence.

You can develop confidence by improving your skills, tracking success, being assertive and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Improve your relationship with your boss.

Your boss is in the position to enable your rise in the business, if you are worthy.

Surround yourself with mentors and coaches.

You can’t do it by yourself. Seek the best advisors to up your game.

Practice public speaking.

It will improve your confidence and communication skills…and also the ablility to think on your feet.

Learn to love feedback

You can learn from anybody if you are open to accepting that we all can learn.

The main thing is that you keep working on you. Harvey Mackay says that life is like riding a bicycle. You don’t fall off unless you stop peddling.

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