NYC 62: 6.25.14 Education – Union Square Park

On this ground George Washington rallied troops…Lincoln’s funeral procession made it’s NY stop .. both Presidents have statues in the park…so does Gandhi.

Not all times were friendly. In the early 1970s our park was widely considered to so unsafe it was too dangerous even during the day!

This urban center was saved by farmers because in1976, the Union Square Greenmarket began .. Residents flocked back to the park and demanded a clean up.

Why is Union Square …a Square and why is it named Union?

Well, it’s not named for the Federal Union of the United States, nor to celebrate Labor Unions.

It’s named for the intersection or UNION of what was Manhattans busiest and most important streets!

Bloomingdale Road now Broadway and the former Bowery Road – now Fourth Avenue[4] –.[5

In a city of logical grids these major roads intersected at a weird angle…and the spaghetti mess is still there.

Leave to the real estate sphere of 1830 to figure out to put a square above the strangely angled streets and attract high-end retailers, artists and residents.

It worked so well that decades later when the subway was planned Union Sq became a critical and convenient commercial crossroads. Could Lucky’s 62 success be in part traced to our location?

Learning the history or background of a prospect before a meeting isn’t just trivia- it’s valuable information which connects and can differentiate us against the competition. Try it!

Let’s have a 1 x1 …right upstairs by Andy Warhol’s old factory.

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