NYC 62: 4.30.14 Education – F’em!

F ’em. !!!!

Did you ever get cut off by another driver that just made your blood boil?

“That f-ing SOB”!!!!!!!

And you drove for blocks imagining all the things you’d like to do to that bastard?

Did you ever get “screwed” in business and that episode made knots in your stomach for years?

I know I did…….and I’ll tell you that the time I wasted and the energy I consumed with my anger didn’t accomplish a thing but extend my loss.

Harvey Mackay suggests, “Don’t get mad, and don’t get even either”. LET IT GO!

If you aggravate about the past, it absorbs your present and effects your future.

As they say, don’t cry over spilt milk, move on.

A while ago, my step son was all broken up about a girl and was stuck in the dumps. I took out this hotel bellhop bell (which I gave to our Group) rang it and said “NEXT”!

“Aww, but she was so great”…….”NEXT”

Or, “That business idea or client or opportunity would have been so great”……”NEXT”

Or, “I gave such a great presentation, but didn’t get the project”…..”NEXT”

Instead, learn from the experience, We can not always control our outcome, but we can control our reactions to them.

Bernie Marcus got fired from the Handy Dan Home Improvement Center and spent years in anger hoping to get even with his old boss.

Someone gave him the great advice to forgetaboutit! Move on. Don’t let the past ruin your future. Bernie listened….and a year later opened The Home Depot.

Like I said……F them!!! If you can’t forgive them…..forget them.


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