NYC 62: 3.19.2014 Education – Sex Ed?

Today, I am here to talk about Sex!

As an huge fan of the fairer Sex, Women that is, and I am here to tell you that March is Women’s History Month.

Women have been making huge strides in business. Harvey Mackay notes that 47% of Law School Students are Women, 48% of Medical Students are Women, 63% of Auditors and Accountants are Women and last year 74% of start-ups were founded by Women.

Also, the majority of family decisions are made by Women. Am I right Men?

Figure out how to attract this market. As they say “there’s Gold in them thar Hills”.

Ladies, join Women-centric groups, AREW, for example is the Association of Real Estate Women. People like doing business with members of their clan, whether it is thru a religious, personal interest or sexual connection, we naturally feel comfy with those with which we have things in common…….common interests, common causes or backgrounds.

Men, figure out how to market your goods or services to this powerful Group. Tim wouldn’t market Title Insurance to just 1/2 the population, would he?

Why, he might consider buying tickets to a Fashion Runway Show for a Female prospect and give the Knicks the night off.

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