NYC 62: 11.4.14 Education – The Five Best!

Look at you Lucky ’62…

You’re (well fed) sitting on a chair on arguably the most important island in the world..yet…(don’t think you got here by yourself)

No one is an island!

Yes, we all achieve success through our own skill and hard work and also through a network of people who teach, hire, refer, and otherwise help us along the way.

But what if you had to distill your thousands of contacts down to just five? Here’s how three top networking experts would make the cuts.

Harvey Mackay, author of bestselling business books says your top 5 mentors should be…

  1. Best friend.
  2. Doctor. 
  3. Legal expert. 
  4. Mentor or coach
  5. Business advisor.

“Lynne Waymon would construct her five by first looking at the end goal you wish to achieve.. Then, she would choose her five based on how they fit the situation’s needs.

  1. Champion.
  2. Sponsor.
  3. Critic. Find someone who will ask the hard questions, she says.
  4. Wise elder. find someone who has pulled off lots of important projects, and a …
  5. Newbie! Never underestimate the value of a fresh perspective.

Then our own Dr.Ivan Misner, founder of NYC, says.

“Think about your five as if you were letting people into a room with one door and you or they could never leave.”

  1. Values. Your five should have similar ethics, levels of ambition, and priorities, he says.
  2. Diversity. Networks can get “clumpy”. Choose people who don’t travel in the same circles
  3. Achievement. surround yourself with people who are more accomplished than you.
  4. Helpfulness. Look for people you’d be willing to give advice, contacts or other assistance–and those who would do the same for you, he says.
  5. Respect. Your five should each be people you respect and who respect you.

Mindfulness of the people you network with will bring greater results for one and all.

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