NYC 62: 10.29.14 Education – Happy Halloween!

Those of you graduates from last year’s October Educational …..consider this your annual review.

This is your Brain. 

Well, not yours, but his…..inside there., hey,   open up.

Your  nucleus accumbens (NAcc) gets turned on when your Dopamine Reward Pathway is triggered and you want to buy that object or service.  That happens in the frontal lobe.

You see, when you encounter a choice, if your insula is triggered, you recoil.  Maybe seeing the price tag or the warning label.  But, if your prefrontal cortex is activated, the smell of cookies, some bling, then…..….gimme gimme.

Inside your brain is an argument.  Whether to follow logic and reason, or to follow emotions.

Which do you think wins the argument?????? Whoever said Emotions is correct.  People make decisions based upon emotions.

If YOU want to appeal to people’s emotions,  what are YOU doing to make yourself more appealing to YOUR audience, to trigger their dopamine release, whether it is singing like Anthony Bitar and Adam Lomeo, or Amy’s  putting her best face forward with a pop up shop (pointing to Amy), or Staging an Interior (pointing to Bonnie Fraser), or staging an Exterior (pointing to Carly Spindel), we need to sell ourselves and our products appealing to that which will create positive feelings and your prospect’s release of dopamine, resulting in their wanting to work with YOU!

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