NYC 62: 10.24.2012 – Who’s Got Your Back – Part 2

Last week I asked you, “Who’s Got Your Back?” And more importantly, who are your lifelines in business and life?


We talked about Keith Ferrazzi and his book entitled Who’s Got Your Back, about lifelines and how to find the 3 people who will change your life.


To help you find yours, this week I’d like to share the four mind-sets – which can be learned and practiced — for building these lifeline relationships according to Keith:


1)   Generosity. This is the base from which all the other behaviors arise. This is the commitment to mutual support that begins with the willingness to show up and creatively share our deepest insights and ideas with the world. It’s the promise to help others succeed by whatever means you can muster.


2)   Vulnerability. This means letting your guard down so mutual understanding can occur. The relationship engendered by generosity then moves toward a place of fearless friendship where risks are taken and invitations are offered to others.


3)   Candor. This is the freedom to be totally honest with those you confide in. Vulnerability clears the pathways of feedback so that you are able to share your hopes and fears. Candor allows us to begin to constructively interpret, respond to, and grapple wth that information. 


4)   Accountability. Accountability refers to the action of follow through on the promises you make to others. It’s about giving and receiving the feet-to-the-fire tough love through which real change is sustained. 


So I ask you again this week, who’s got your back? And who are your lifelines in business and life? Perhaps you can start using these tools while you are networking to be the seeker and find the 3 people who just might change your life.


Who knows? Again, they may even be right here in this room. Perhaps they’ll grow into lifelines for you as you build and deepen your trusted relationships with them.


This week I again encourage you to check out Keith’s book Who’s Got Your Back to get more support with understanding his ideas about networking for success.


Thank you.

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