NYC 62: 10.17.2012 – Who’s Got Your Back?

Who’s Got Your Back? And more importantly, who are your lifelines in business and life?


Keith Ferrazzi in his book entitled Who’s Got Your Back talks frankly about lifelines, how to find the 3 people who will change your life, and why building deep, trusting relationships will lead to your success and won’t let you fail.


Here are the four ways lifeline relationships are critical according to Keith:


1)   To help us identify what success truly means for us, including our long-term career plans.


2)   To help us figure out the most robust plan possible to get there, through short-term goals and strategies that would tie us into knots if we tried to go it alone.


3)   To help us identify what we need to stop doing to move forward in our lives. I’m referring to the things we all do that hold us back from achieving the success we deserve.


4)   To have people around us committed to ensuring that we sustain change so that we can transform our lives from good to great.


So I ask you again, who’s got your back? And who are your lifelines in business and life? I’ve had some of my lifelines for years and decades.


Be a seeker when you network and search for the 3 people who just might change your life. Who knows? They may even be right here in this room. Perhaps they’ll grow into lifelines for you as you build and deepen your trusted relationships with them.


This week check out Keith’s book Who’s Got Your Back to get more support with understanding his ideas about networking for success.


Thank you.

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