Here’s a quick checklist to practice April and all year long…

Ask yourself the customer loyalty question: As the customer is working with you, ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing right now with this customer going to get the customer to come back the next time he or she needs what I sell?

Create confidence by always doing what you say you will do. If you promise you will call someone back in an hour, it had better be an hour. If you have an appointment or meeting, show up on time – not even five minutes late.

My gut says a lot of us good be doing better at this….

Pick up the phone to check in with your customers. Just check in to see how they are doing. While not necessarily a social call, it’s not about selling something either. This shows you’re as interested in the relationship as you are the business, maybe even more so.

Don’t forget your “other” customers. The other customers are your internal customers, the people you work with and your suppliers. You want to have a great relationship with everyone you do business with or work with, which includes outside customers, your colleagues at work, and the people who supply you whatever you need to do business. It’s the trifecta!

Finally, and I always include this one, don’t ever forget to say thank you. It can be in person, on a phone call, in an email, or even a thank you note. Note: Thank you notes are more appreciated than any other expression of thanks.

Happy April Happy Customers!

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