All You Need Is Love

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, Everyone.

I love this holiday because it puts in the front of your mind, LOVE.

But this isn’t just about couple love, I’m talking about group love…………careful!!!

Tim Saunders told us in his Book, “Love is the Killer App” that Love brings Success….in that you should share 3 things: your knowledge, your contacts and your compassion with others.

Compassion, Love, is caring about other people, listening to their needs and, as Napoleon Hill said “the best way to reach your goals is to help someone else reach theirs”.

The “Givers Gain” motto of NYC says exactly the same thing. Spread the Love, Share your Compassion for others and help them .

Who saw the Coke commercial depicting a World Wide Web filled with images of anger and violence…..and then a Techie spills his Coke into the circuitry…..which spreads faster than the blush of love on the neck of a kid in love.

That’s what we are taking about……..spreading the love and spreading the referrals.

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