With a Mentor I Wil Go Far

How great would it be to have the help and support of someone who has been where your are and who not only has the techniques and relationships they need to receive the ROI they want for their NYC investment, BUT is also willing to share them with you? what would that be worth to you ?

The Benefits of mentorship are we get the help of someone who is experienced and knowledgeable, positive and supportive, respectful and caring, committed and dependable.

This only works if you are asking for the help. BTW this applies to all of us- we all can use continuous mentoring. We get that in our quarterly MC check ins, why not get some more?

There is an acronym to help you be an effective Mentee: I WIL GO FAR (with a mentor)

Invest time in your process with a mentor

Willingness to share dreams and information
Infuse Accountability into your life to grow
Learn and be Adaptable

Goal/challenge setting and meeting
Openness to outside ideas and suggestions

Feedback, feedback feedback!
Ask for Help, ask questions
Respectful of Mentor’s time and boundaries

Take a look in your roster, under the “M” are the initials of your mentor. How many of you are having regular conversations with this person show of hands? You have the power to make this work. Don’t wait for your mentor to reach out, take the lead in this relationship.

Talk to, or email your mentor immediately and set up a date to get started if you have not already. You want to be having that mentor meeting at least once a month in person, by phone or by video.

If you feel your mentor is not a great fit, maybe they are just unavailable Reach out to the MC and we will get you a fit that works. Our success is interdependent with yours.

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