What’s Your Communication Style?

We’re going to play a little game to help you identify your communication style. I’m going to tell you about the four communication styles that are summed up in the acronym DASI, and you’re going to listen for the communication styles that best fit you, make sense?

DASI stands for Directive, Analytic, Supportive, and Initiative. Directive communication is used to achieve a goal, it’s all about getting there. Analytic communication is used for exploring and analyzing, it is very precise. Supportive communication is used to validate and reaffirm others. Initiative communication involves quick positive interactions that others enjoy.

So which do you think will your top two? The negatives of each style are that the directive style can leave people out or leave them feeling unheard as the communicator moves towards the desired goal. The analytic style can appear aloof and withdrawn, difficult to connect with. The supportive style is not super useful and actually getting things done. And the initiator style can become annoying to people over time and feel shallow.

Each style of communication is situationally useful. No one style is good for all situations. Directive is a great communication style when we have a goal or something that needs to be achieved. Analytical is a perfect style for unraveling a conundrum or a mystery. Supportive is most effective when someone is hurting and really needs to be reaffirmed. Initiative is ideal for meeting new people like at a NYC networking event for example.

The good news is that though we may lean towards one style or another, we’re all immensely talented multi-faceted, and gifted people, and with the awareness that different situations call for different styles we can develop these styles so that we become more effective communicators.

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