The Power of Service

As you know, today is Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you think it’s a wonderful opportunity to express love — with a romantic or life partner, or even some friends. And perhaps you think it’s yet another made up opportunity by corporate entities to sell more cards, candy, chocolate, and gifts. And like many things in this life, maybe it’s a bit of both.

But I see it as an opportunity to talk about a particular element that can and should be present in all relationships… a *form* of love that can be highly valuable to support and grow our connection with people, and thus generate growth in our businesses.

Let’s talk about “being of service.” We’re no strangers to this. After all, in every meeting when Amy mentions, “and there’s a central philosophy that we all adhere to and that’s called…” we all know the two words that follow… “Givers Gain.”

But let’s take an even closer look at not just the “givers” side, but the gain as well. Because there is tremendous value that being of service for others can provide for us.

First of all, people are mirrors for each other. We actually get to see a reflection of ourselves in those around us. So when we are extending ourselves to help others, who we see ourselves to be — who we experience ourselves to be — is the kind of person that makes us proud. And the feelings that come are just like those from any other esteem-able act — joy, ease, peace, hope, pride. So if nothing else, it feels good.

In addition, these acts of service will have us more aligned with who we want to be. I know almost every person on this Zoom. I know the kindness, the open-heartedness, the caring, the sincerity. It shows up in the energy of the meeting itself. It shows up in the connection between meetings. Even in the rapid response times to emailed requests for information and support. We all *want* to be givers. And when we act in accordance with that commitment, even beyond feeling good, we will create motivation, inspiration, and power.

As my late Grandma Sylvia used to say, “Beauty is as beauty does.” And if we are aligned with ourselves, we are efficient and effective. We can access more of our core resources. We don’t need to act or perform to look good. We are grounded in an innate awareness that we *are* good. We can feel it, and know it. It gives us a place to stand, and to act and choose from.

Our brains can’t tell the difference between actual abundance and the perception of abundance. By offering to others, we foster an sense that we have enough — even more than enough. And that brings an experience of space and freedom and capacity. And often what follows from there is gratitude.

By giving to and serving others, it not only has us honoring our commitments, it can fill our tanks, supercharge our engines, and lead to tangible results in the experience of ourselves and in the bottom lines of our businesses.

And lastly, it never hurts to do someone a kindness or a favor. People remember. And even if the details of the act fade, the memory of how we made them feel — seen, understood, supported — will not soon be forgotten. It’s one of the most effective ways to bank some good will… with individuals and the collective whole.

As the meeting unfolds, consider where and how you can serve. In our Elevate community, but also anywhere else. And then come up with the next simple, but specific action to take.

I appreciate and respect this brilliant and engaged community. And the palpable drive we all bring to make a difference for ourselves and each other.

Let’s keep *serving* it up!

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