The Lessons of Halloween

Three days from now, we get to celebrate the greatest holiday of the year. At least that’s what my kids would say — they’d tell you without hesitation that Halloween is even more important than their birthdays. And though this year it will likely look and feel a bit differently, it will certainly bring it’s gifts — the tricks and the treats.

The Halloween experience tends to hold a bit more magic and wonder for our younger folks than us adults, we can certainly learn something important from their point of view.

I give you: The Lessons of Halloween…

1. Adventure & Authenticity — Wearing a costume or mask is exciting, and can provide a sense of creativity, freedom, power, and even safety. And when chosen for good reason, it’s fun! As my daughter said, “You can be ANYTHING!” At the same time, as an adult, when it’s not Halloween, we need to practice authenticity. Taking off our masks, and not hiding. Being the one thing nobody else can be — ourselves. Ownership is the key to creating what we want in our lives and businesses.

2. Resourcefulness & Commitment — This Saturday is THE day. There is no do over. And my kids and the families in our neighborhood know it. But what about COVID? People where I live are turning into McGyver with candy chutes and pulleys to send it out at a social distance. Others are organizing candy pods to exchange in smaller groups. And some are just leaving small bags on the lawn. But it’s happening. Get clear about the “What,” first. When we want it bad enough we’ll figure out the “How.”

3. Know your target or goal — These kids are not heading off into the world for the promise of what may be an apple or possibly some pennies. There is only one prey for these young hunters. And that is candy. And they are masters at finding it, organizing it, relishing it, and consuming it.

4. Passion — For Halloween, these kids can keep going all day and night like it’s nothing. There is no too cold or too tired or too much candy. When we go after what excites us, it isn’t work. It’s just effort focused in a particular way to achieve a result. Nurture your passion, or find it in what you already do, and you’ll access an almost limitless resource.

5. Getting outside our comfort zones — Yes, most of all Halloween is intense fun. And a big part of that is the scary element, which is all about the unknown. Who is behind that mask? Is anyone home in that house? What kind of candy is inside that container? As adults and business owners we have different questions that we wonder about and yearn to answer.

If we’re not careful, we can get freaked out by our own ghosts and goblins, and let fear get a in the way. But if we keep it together, and get supported on our quest, we get to show up energized and empowered, ready and willing to wake the dead!

Here’s to a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Some extra courage as we navigate the potentially scary, long voting lines.

And as always, a powerful day!

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