The Common Thread

A couple weeks ago I had a very interesting meeting. I sat down with a colleague from another industry, whom I’ve known for almost twenty years. We’ve spoken before, and know each other to an extent – enough to have a mutual affinity. But we had never spent time just the two of us on purpose – it’s always been in passing.

So, we got together for lunch.

Over the course of an hour or so, we talked about our kids, our work, our lives. As you do. And it was great. There was a real positive energy in the exchange.

At one point, we were reminiscing about our paths – where they were similar and where i diverged toward coaching. And my friend said, “Yeah but you’ve always been like this.”

And I paused and considered his comment. I knew it was intended as a compliment. He was referring to presence and an ability to listen, and some other things. And as he expounded and we discussed it further, it had me realize that we all have positive qualities that have always been there. Beyond what we’ve learned, beyond what we strive for, there’s an inherent way that has us be us.

So what I’m inviting you to do this morning – and perhaps over the course of your day or week – think about two things.

What are the qualities you possess? In particular the positive ones that those who know you best would say have always been there. Get really clear about your talents, your gifts. And it’s not so much what you’re capable of doing per se but really the kind of being that you bring with you wherever you go. It could be intelligence or kindness, connection, leadership, humor, heart, authenticity, you get the picture. Maybe even write them down.

Once you have a clear connection and understanding of these, I want you to think about the kinds of actions you can take to leverage them. In other words, what can you *do* that supports you bringing those qualities?

The last thing I’ll say here for now is, there’s a tendency for people like us – bright, powerful, intentional with goals – to *try* to do things. To strategize the best or right way. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But instead of coming from our heads and going for the “right,” thing, consider coming from what you’re already naturally gifted with, what comes effortlessly and leads to a positive impact.

There’s power there. There’s possibility there.

There’s YOU there.

And I say that more of you is a good thing.

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