Summer Networking

We’ve just kicked off the unofficial start of summer, and with it comes a unique rhythm for businesses. For some, it’s a bustling period of growth and activity, while others may experience a slowdown. Regardless of the pace, the summer presents a fantastic opportunity to focus on networking and growing our businesses.
So, what does this seasonal shift mean for us? For businesses that pick up, it’s a time to leverage the increased activity to form new connections and solidify existing ones. More customers and events mean more chances to meet new people and showcase our offerings.

For those that slow down, it’s an excellent period to strategize, plan, and engage in more meaningful networking efforts. A slower pace allows us to step back, reassess our goals, and reach out to those we might not have had time for during busier months. It’s a perfect opportunity to nurture existing relationships and build stronger foundations for future collaborations.

Networking in the summer can be different. It’s about taking advantage of the season’s relaxed atmosphere to build deeper, more personal connections. Whether it’s attending local events, joining summer fairs, or simply enjoying the sunshine with a colleague over coffee, summer gives us the chance to network in a more casual and engaging way.

One effective strategy is to schedule more one-on-one meetings, or as we call them, 121s. Use this time to connect with your fellow networkers and really get to know their businesses and needs. These personal interactions can lead to stronger partnerships and open doors to new opportunities. A focused 121 can uncover mutual benefits and foster a sense of trust and cooperation.

As the summer sun nurtures growth, so can our efforts in networking and business development. Let’s use this season to not just grow our contact lists but to foster genuine, lasting connections.

So, as we enjoy the warmer weather and the unique opportunities it brings, let’s commit to making the most of our networking efforts. Set up those 121s, engage with your fellow elevators, and watch your business flourish this summer.

Thank you, and let’s have a great summer of networking and business growth!

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