Stepping Stones

Okay, we’re past New Year’s, and we’re getting close to the Happy New Year threshold. For those unclear, no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen someone, we all forfeit “Happy New Year” rights as of January 31st. Period.
In all seriousness, this is an interesting time. The new possibility that comes with a new year and decade, gets challenged by the inertia of having returned to a routine that’s mostly similar to the one before the holidays – same job, same relationship, etc.
So maintaining positive change requires continued action.
Today I’m going to give you three “stepping stones” – three places to look and take action when it comes to continuing to move forward.
First of all, look at your foundation. Whether it’s sleep, eating, fitness, or some other area of habit, remember that anything we build upon a shaky foundation is susceptible to loss. So make sure you’re keeping an eye on your fundamental needs, and taking extra good care of yourself. This can also be about seemingly little things like drinking more water, flossing your teeth, or getting to bed at a decent hour. Little change can make a big difference.
Next, our businesses. Some of us have seasonal shifts. December can slow down; January can get busy. To grow consistently we need to take consistent action. We need to always be working to fill our pipelines. And opportunities for business are everywhere. Be in conversation. Look at where and with whom you can connect, be of service, make a difference. And we can all do better at speaking less and listening more. Ask questions and listen, and the other person will come away with a positive experience, associated with you.
And lastly, our “spaces.” This includes our bank accounts, our schedules, and our offices and homes. Ask Jeannie Engelbach and she’ll tell you – a mess in your physical space is likely related to a mess in other spaces. Get one of them organized, and you’ll create positive results in at least one of the others.
So this week, take at least one step – an action – in each of these areas: well being/foundation, business/networking/listening, spaces.
And next week, come tell me the difference it made.
Let’s get to it Elevate.

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