Nuts and Bolts

There are two main aspects to every single moment that we all live.

There’s doing — the action; and being — the… well, being.

And if this isn’t your first Wed morning Elevate meeting, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard me speak before about some aspect of the latter. The being. Because no matter how amazing your tennis racket — or pen — it’s the way you hold it that makes the most difference.

Being is foundational. Our actions sit on top.

However — ready for a plot twist? — actions are the building blocks to any goal.

Yes being isn’t just important, it’s crucial — especially for the higher level tweaking to get to the elite level goals we all aspire to reach.

But without action, nothing gets done. Period. No tennis racket, no tennis match.

So here are three places to take a good look to gain traction, enhance your efficiency, and advance whatever cause you’re fighting for.

First up, your “Sales Cycle.” Do you know where your clients are coming from? Do you know how many consults you need to do to get hired? Or how many product samples you need to give out til you generate a paying customer? And how many emails do you have to send, or 121’s do you need to do to create a chance for one of those consults or product sampling opportunity?

It’s essentially the math of how many hands you have to shake and babies you need to kiss to “get elected.

Different businesses have different parts, but they are analogous. Know your specific process. Then take a look at how your action has or has not stacked up against it. This information will offer you access to a number of places to practice new effort.

Next up, over all organization. What is actually happening in your business? Said another way… have simple answers to simple questions. How many clients do you have? How much are you spending on the different aspects of your overhead? How much revenue did you generate last month? Or year to date in 2021? And for that matter, how much would you like to create? Which brings us to…

Number three, Goals — do you have them? It’s ok if you don’t, or if you’ve continued to operate with only general notions rather than doing the work to really suss them out. But that will yield one kind of result.

If you’d like to see growth in a particular area, bring specificity. What do you want to create? How much? It doesn’t have to be expressed in dollars — though that has demonstrated to be both popular and effective. But it does need to be measurable.

The common thread in all three of these is awareness. And that’s important because it will allow for more choice — more say in how all of it goes.

So learn and pay attention to your Sales Cycle, make sure you are able to answer the simple questions in your business (or have access to those who can), and get specific with your goals. Even write them down or type them out and keep them close.

Nike got there first, but you remember what they said.

You can BE it too. But don’t forget to *do* it.

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