Just Two Minutes

What if you only had two minutes to make a lasting impression on a potential client or customer?

Whether you’re at an airport bar and they’re about to catch a flight? Or you’re in an elevator and they’ve pushed their floor but you can feel their energy and it’s someone you’d like to work with.

You’ve got one shot, the window is closing. What do you say?

There are a lot of attorneys in the world. Many of them can draw up a will. We know that Dani Nodelman is the best. But do they?

Dani, when someone asks, “So what do you do?” and you’ve got one chance, what’s your answer?

“”Imagine you work your whole life only to find someone else choosing where your hard earned money goes. I make sure that never happens! As a trust and estates attorney, I structure agreements that protect and serve my clients and their most cherished wishes.”

Awesome! Notice she didn’t lead off with, “I’m an attorney.” There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s appropriate if you just want to connect with someone at a party. But not if you want to make that immediate and indelible impression.

Conrad, you may be the number one web guy according to Google reviews. But everyone knows a guy who knows a guy. We know your brilliance. But what if they haven’t googled you?

You’ve got one shot. What do you say?

“We make the phones for any business ring off the hook! Website design and construction that grabs your target market’s attention, creates credibility and converts visitors into sales.”

Boom! Love it.

So now it’s your turn. You don’t need me to tell you what Eminem said about not blowing your one shot.

Well, what if you had his full attention for only two minutes and he was in the market for exactly what you’ve got?

What would you say?

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