Integration – How to Deal With Being Pulled in Many Directions

Here we still are. Still navigating, still facing challenges, still caring and creating. Still feeling what we’re feeling – up against what we’re up against, and yet still committed.

We’re here on this call, in this community, in this world. And generating the best we can in our businesses.

In many ways it’s a divisive time. Not just politically and ethically. But our energies are being pulled in many directions. And it’s the same with our finances and with our time and other resources.

So today, I think there’s value in a reminder about integration.

We can show up differently in different arenas. Sometimes, we’re even different people around different people. There’s the way we show up with our clients, with our friends, with our family, and even within our families. We can be different with our kids than with our parents, and our partners.

We’re probably a particular way here, at Elevate.

The more things we have going – the more tasks, roles, personas, and moving parts, the more there is to manage. And that can get exhausting.

It can lead many of us to take on a particular kind of performance, one that’s somewhat protective in nature. It’s kind of like putting on a mask. And during this time of uncertainty in our world, it would make sense to create some protection for ourselves.

But that “put-on” performance can create a barrier and actually keep us *out* of relationship with the people we intend to connect with. And though like always, we may have our own experiences, there is a somewhat universal nature to what’s happening right now. At least we are all in the impact of it, one way or another.

To be clear, it’s not that we should be exactly the same everywhere at all times. Naturally we want to show up at our best with our clients and business contacts, and we may let our hair down in the comfort of our own homes. But there’s an opportunity to simplify and to bring a greater level of authenticity.

After all, business and networking is essentially about relationship.

So one place we can look when it comes to effectiveness – both for our businesses and our well being, is integration. Integrating our various aspects into one, coherent self.

And it’s the same thing when it comes to taking action. For example, if someone has been trying to schedule a meeting with you but you’ve been busy, have them meet you here. Integrate your business meeting with the Elevate meeting in order to create efficiency, added value (for both of you) and ultimately a more powerful meeting. It’s powerful for you because it’s a better use of your time, and it’s powerful for them because they get to be exposed to this amazing group – which also illuminates you by association.

This chapter is filled with intelligent people who show up and engage every week to support and be supported. And it’s a great space to practice. Bring authenticity and more integration to your one on ones. To your asks. To your commercials and five minute presentations.

Let’s keep going, and work together toward the common goal of personal and professional success.

I believe in this community, and in each of you.

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