Integration and Connection

This isn’t designed or intended to be a political space. But it is a human one — a community — and so at least an acknowledgment of the verdict yesterday. And a reminder of the fortunate and supportive work we’re up to in here, even and especially in the face of what’s going on out there.

Here we still are. Still navigating, still rising up to meet challenges. Still feeling what we’re feeling — up against what we’re up against, and yet still so committed. Still caring and creating.

In many ways it’s a divisive time. There’s so much to keep an eye on, to account for, to make it through. Our energies are being pulled in many directions. And it’s the same with our finances and with our time and other resources.

So today, a few words about integration and connection.

We can show up differently in different arenas. Sometimes, we’re even different people around different people. There’s the way we show up with our clients, with our friends, with our family, and even within our families. We can be different with our kids (or nieces and nephews) than with our parents or the older generations. And we’re a certain way with our partners.

We’re probably a particular way here, at Elevate.

The more things we have going — the more tasks, roles, relationships, and moving parts, the more there is to manage. And that can get exhausting.

It can lead many of us to take on a particular kind of performance, one that’s somewhat automatic and protective in nature. And it works to a great extent. It’s functional. But it can also be kind of like putting on a mask. And though during this time of uncertainty in our world, it would make sense to create some protection for ourselves, that “put-on” performance can create a barrier and actually keep us *out* of relationship with the people we intend to connect with. And do business with.

A reminder that — while we have our own unique experiences — there is a universal nature to what’s happening right now. At least we are all aware of it, and navigating through it, one way or another.

So rather than becoming overwhelmed (and even isolated) by trying to manage all of those outside pieces perfectly, remember, we’re not alone. Consider the possibility of slowing down, even temporarily, placing the focus on ourselves for a little while, and calming the motor that has us driven to control and manage all of it.

Said another way, there isn’t only a need to come together as a country, or even a world, but that need also exits within ourselves. To have peace and connection within our own lives.

Being present isn’t just a novel idea. It’s the way we live. And the key to how we build and grow. Now more than ever, let’s make sure to keep moving forward of course. But also given the tenderness of this time, let’s make sure to be kind and gentle, with each other and also with ourselves.

Yes, business and networking is *all* about relationships.

And it starts with us.

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