How Do You Stop a Jumbo Jet?

I want you to think about the power of a jumbo jet. Imagine a 747 flying through the sky. It’s so heavy and yet the amount of thrust created by the engines is massive. There’s speed and a ton of power allowing it to soar and cut right through the air.

But when it’s on the ground, at the gate, waiting to be boarded by passengers, you know what it takes to keep that same jet parked and unmovable? A couple of small wooden triangular blocks called chocks, sitting behind each wheel. That’s it.

This huge behemoth of a machine is held in place by a couple small triangles.

As I look around this room, I see a hangar filled with jets. I see power and speed. Our vetting process allows the best of the best to reside in these seats. And if you’re a guest today, I know that you didn’t wake up when you did and join us because you’re not smart, talented, capable. You’ve got power too. And I acknowledge you for being here. It’s great to be with you this morning.

I also know that all of us want something. In general terms, more satisfaction. Maybe more joy or freedom. Specifically, more money. More business generated, more growth.

And if you’re like me, it may be tempting sometimes to look outside yourself at what you can pick up or consume. Tips and tricks and strategies. And there’s certainly a place for those.

But today, I want you to consider that you already have everything you need to take off and fly. A strong engine, broad wings, and a full tank of gas. I want you to consider that what stands between you and gracefully yet powerfully soaring at thirty thousand feet, are those pesky little chocks.

Those micro tears in the fiber, those insidious little power leaks. So first, check your foundation. How’s your well being? That extra Netflix episode (or three). That extra glass of wine (or three). That missing hour of sleep (or three).

Or how about something as simple as disorganization around time or space? Always showing up a few minutes past the scheduled time? Or being a member of the messy desk club? Or maybe it’s being active in the Chapter but not logging the activity.

If you’re nodding your head – even if only on the inside – then simply take action to counter balance the cargo. Practice showing up 15 min early everywhere. Try going to bed one hour early. And grit your teeth and finally organize your desk top – the real one and the computer one.

Once you take on these subtle tweaks, and the chocks are out of the way, it will blow your mind how much power you get access to from the very same plane you’ve been flying all along. And then, you get to the gym. You nail the presentation. Your confidence goes up. You get the client, close the deal, and have energy left over at the end of the day.

They’re just a couple of little triangles. But they have the power to impact you in a major way. Take on even one of them this week. And please let me know what difference it makes.

I’m proud to be flying the elite and friendly skies with all of you.

Wheels up – have a powerful day!

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