Happiness, Money and Having a Mission

How many of you want to make more money? How many of you believe money leads to greater Happiness? Studies show that once family income hits $70,000.00, the sense of well being or happiness decreases radically as they make more and more. Once they move from wanting a car, to wanting a better car, their satisfaction with money decreases. Apparently, in terms of happiness, there is not a big difference between a Hyundai and a Mercedes, but there is a huge difference between no car and a car.

A Harvard Study showed that when it comes to the incredibly wealthy, people who earned their money tended to be more connected to people, more generous with their wealth, more invested in doing good- think Richard Branson. While those who inherited wealth were more disconnected from people, more likely to disregard the law for their own benefit, more likely to take personal credit for what has basically been handed to them – think Donald Trump.

What these studies have in common is folks in the under $70,000 world need money to be on mission, to have a car or washing machine so that they can better care for their family which is their core mission. Once they have those things, extra money is basically gravy, welcome but not vital. Millionaires and billionaires who earn their money do it through their passion for their work, the difference they want to make in the world and so money comes as a result of them living their mission.

When we focus only on making money for the sake of money, we start making bad personal decisions, we are less focused on self improvement, we stop taking good care of ourselves, we stop looking for ways to help others and even alienate others by exploiting them for personal gain.

When we focus on our mission, we succeed no matter what the obstacle and money is icing on the cake of personal fulfillment and growth.

Mission…how many of you are on a mission? Each and every one of us is a magnificently unique creation and as such have a purpose or mission that we are uniquely suited for. The question is have we discovered it yet? If not don’t worry, it’s in there and you will discover the mission that is the result of how and where you grew up combined with your unique talents, skills and temperament. Seek and you will find!

When we are on mission or purpose, we are tuned into all the people we work with and for. We are clear about the difference it is that we are making in people’s lives through our product, and we are clear about who will benefit most from what we have to deliver. We stop trying to enroll people who are a bad fit for our product just to make a buck. When we work with people who are the right fit for our unique talents, we have more fun and have better satisfied clients Better satisfied clients means more referrals and more referrals means more opportunity to make the difference that the particular unique makeup that is who we are is suited for in the world and that leads to personal fulfillment and ….more money.

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