Make More Money By Thinking Of Problems As Questions

As business owners and people who are pursuing constant improvement in our lives, whenever a problem comes up that hinders us from achieving a goal we’re after, we’ll typically start stressing out and worrying about it.

Don’t do that. Instead, look at your problems and realize that they are only problems until you change them into questions. Why? Because questions can be answered.

Let’s say you have a problem where you feel like business is too slow. Or there’s not enough money coming in to pay the bills.

Most people in this situation will start to worry and think, “Why is business so slow? Or, why are things going terribly right now and why is this happening to me?

These are the wrong questions because they are not proactive.

Instead of worrying and freaking out about the problem, you can formulate it into a proactive question like:

How can I bring in more money for the business?

An even better question would be, “How can I bring in more money for the business and have fun while doing it?”

Adding the modifier “Have fun while doing it,” will get you to come up with solutions you’ll actually enjoy pursuing. This will make solving the problem much easier.

Remember though: you should always come up with at least three solutions to your question. This way you’ll have some choices and options, instead of feeling stuck.

Now it does take some thought and time to figure out solutions, but if you can make it a habit to immediately rephrase all your problems as questions, you’ll find answers much more quickly.

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