Make More Money with Proactive Referrals

NYC Elevate is a networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

And those referrals could be passive or proactive.

So today’s make more money money moment is how to get more proactive referrals.

Let’s use Dayna Karron, our copier sales pro, as an example.

If someone says ‘Hey Conrad, I need a new copier’ of course I’m going to refer Dayna.

This is an easy type of referral where someone asks for help.

But the bigger pot of gold at NYC is from the pool of people that are not yet asking for help.

This week Dayna did her own heavy lifting and scanned my Linkedin for perfect contacts.

Then she reached out to me for an introduction to one of my clients.

Now keep in mind that my client didn’t know that Dayna existed and she didn’t know that she needed Dayna’s help, so here’s the quick email I wrote:


I just had a zoom meeting with Dayna Karron regarding e9digital’s document management and some COVID related screening technologies for the office.

During that call, she also mentioned that she is doing a lot of this work for schools like Quad Prep and Gateway Schools to reduce the expenses of their existing contracts, so I thought of you.

Would you have any interest in chatting with Dayna and seeing how she might be able to help your school?

Let me know and I’ll make an email intro.

No worries if not, and I hope you and your family are well.

Notice how short this email is and that I put a strong idea in the email as to why my client should want to speak with Dayna.

The result was Mary responded that she was happy that I was thinking of her, and that she would like to meet Dayna.

The bonus for me was that I strengthened my relationship with my client, and the bonus of Dayna was that she got an introduction to someone that wasn’t yet asking for help.

So make sure you reach out to your fellow members; ask for the introductions that you want and get ready to write a short but strong email asking to make the introduction, and I guarantee that you will make more money.

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